The first edition of the EMF Mobility Festival will be part of the Sea Otter Europe Bike Show


Girona will host the new European urban mobility festival from 23 to 25 September. The EMF Mobility Festival is a new event that will bring together the main players in the transformation of mobility, innovation and sustainability.


The EMF Mobility Festival aims to be the catalyst for this transformation in line with European strategies to make cities more environmentally-friendly in terms of transport and mobility. The event aims to cover market trends and connect the supply of brands with customer demand, at a time of urban transformation and with mobility solutions on the rise.  


In this way, the main players involved in this transformation and their most influential audiences, such as administrations and companies, will come together in Girona at an open-air festival that will include an exhibition zone, a product testing area and activities related to mobility.


The first edition of the event will be held as part of the well-established Sea Otter Europe Costa Brava-Girona Bike Show cycling festival in Girona.


The city of Girona has cycling DNA and is a benchmark city at European and international level for the cycling community. Now, by hosting the Euromobility Festival, a festival that is fully aligned with the city’s strategy, Girona not only aims to further consolidate its position in the world of sport cycling, but also to position itself as a city that welcomes sustainable mobility.


European cities such as Berlin and Copenhagen, leaders in the transformation of cities towards sustainability, serve as examples for Girona in taking advantage of its potential in order to be at the forefront of a new model of sustainable transport and mobility in southern Europe.


The number of urban circuits at the festival will triple, one of which will be permanent


The festival will have three urban circuits, one of which will remain open after the event. The circuit is designed to encourage visitors to discover the city by bicycle or other emission-free modes of mobility with a route that runs through the city’s most historical, tourist-centric areas, as well as taking visitors to cycling-themed shops, cafés and restaurants – a great way to immerse yourself in Girona’s gastronomic, cultural and tourist attractions.


The fleet of urban test bikes will be one of the festival’s main attractions


User demand for city bikes is continuously growing and future sales forecasts for leading cycling brands show a clear focus on urban and commuter models.


A long list of urban and sporty brands that produce city bikes have already confirmed their presence at the festival, including Abus, Bosch, Cannondale, Canyon, Elops, Garmin, Granville, Haibike, KTM, Lapierre, Monty, Moustache, Orbea, Riese and Müller, Rock Machine, SCOTT, Shimano, Vellodeville, Winora & Youin, with more names expected to be added.


The urban mobility revolution will take place in Girona in 2022, and this year it will be organised by Sea Otter Europe.