Euro moBility festival



The leading European festival in sustainable and urban mobility

In the city of Girona, on September 20-21-22, 2024, the third edition of the Euro Mobility Festival will be held in a festival format and outdoors.

At the Euro Mobility Festival, you will find a very complete program focused on the end consumer.

In addition to being able to visit the expo area, you will be able to participate in an infinite number of activities, such as workshops, conferences, and product tests. We also have a restaurant area and live music to relax during these intense days.

The Euro Mobility Festival is a meeting and debate point between the main actors in the transformation of mobility and its most influential audiences. Girona, one of the leading cities in the field of mobility, has all the necessary ingredients to guarantee the success of the fair.

The festival is committed to being a catalyst for the transformation of sustainable and eco-friendly mobility in cities and to laying the foundations for the future of the industry.

Sea Otter Europe takes the Euro Mobility Festival under its umbrella to ensure success and be known within the cycling and urban mobility communities. However, this festival was founded with the hope of one day becoming a fully autonomous event with its own identity and communication.

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