Abus, for a better and safer bicycle

“All initiatives that promote the use of bicycles are very welcome at Abus. As well as our profession, it is clearly our vision for the future. The proposal is therefore very positive, as it addresses aspects that are key to make cycling more mainstream”.

This is how Abus talks to us about the Euro Mobility Festival, as a companion on the journey and present at this edition.

But, what are the things that matter in this great device that is the bicycle?

At Abus, they trace the virtuous circle:

“Education in general, starting in schools, to continue to positively influence the use of non-polluting and healthy means of transport. Also, to improve respect and compatibility between all road users.

“It is important for people in the industry, the manufacturers, shops, etc., to work together with public administrations to raise awareness of the enormous benefits of cycling. Also companies, it is important that they allow their employees to cycle to work and encourage this by providing parking facilities, etc.”

“The creation of infrastructure such as real bicycle lanes, well designed and executed, and separated from other traffic, to increase the safety of road users at all levels, not just cyclists”.

“The development and establishment of a policy to promote the use of clean and sustainable transport by means of real and easy-to-obtain financial aid for people who decide to buy a bicycle to use as a means of transport”.

The bicycle will go further

With these four premises, Abus is optimistic: “The bicycle will increasingly gain ground over other means of transport. It is already happening, albeit in some countries at a much faster rate than in Spain where, paradoxically, we enjoy the best climate for cycling”.

In this way, “we believe” – they add – “that there is a growing awareness of the need to promote sustainable and environmentally friendly, and therefore healthy, forms of transport and lifestyles. That’s why we try to adapt to this demand from society. For example, we have been using recycled and biodegradable paint and/or ink on almost all our products and their packaging for a long time.

On packaging, the aim is to “have all products packaged with recyclable material within a maximum of one year”.

Almost 100 years inventing security

What we have read so far is the current letter of introduction to an almost centenary company, as next year Abus will be 100 years old since its first lock, initially of a general type and a few years later, specifically for bicycles.

Since then, Abus’ relationship with bicycle security has been an upward trend, improving and generalising bicycle locks since the 1950s and entering the helmet segment almost half a century ago.

There was an important milestone in this matter in 2016, when Abus made its helmet product revolve around with the Movistar Team showcase. A showcase at the beginning, and an unbeatable testing and improvement bench over time that has meant that Abus for the last couple of years, has had the resources to control the process, design and development of the helmet for its subsequent manufacture.

At the Euro Mobility Festival

Back to the beginning and the brand details they will be showing at the EMF in September: “First of all, we present our brand, as well as our entire range of products to both shops and the end users, logically maximising the news each year both in terms of communication and presence. But we also allow our helmets to be tested”.

The event environment also “allows us to interact with both retail partners and end users, which gives us excellent feedback and allows us to generate good opportunities for collaboration and development”.

Abus’ milestones

Bicycle security

In 2007, we launched the folding lock (BORDO), a new category that made it much more friendly to use on our bicycle journeys, as it is small and compact with an attractive and innovative design.

We have also created our own security scale, now recognised as an international reference, which classifies the security level of locks based on their technical characteristics and is in itself a buying guide based on how each person will use the locks. Today, this scale is used as a worldwide reference.

In 2018, we pioneered by integrating SmartX digital technology into several models of our Bordo 6500, U-lock 770 and 8078 motorbike locks. You can open your lock with an APP developed by ABUS, without any key, which avoids the risk of tampering/forcing the lock, thus reducing the possibility of theft and adding convenience to the end user.

And in 2023 we innovate again, launching a new category of locks, the goose lock. This is a malleable lock that can be rolled up on various parts of the bicycle for comfortable, quick and quiet transport.

Next year, 2024, will bring the launch of a spectacular lock that resists radial cuts, an innovative product that will strengthen the brand’s position as a world leader.

We manufacture the locks for most of the electric bicycle batteries on the market, which allows us to make locks that the user can open with the same key as the one for their battery.


In terms of helmets, the main contribution I would highlight is the range of helmets Made in Italy, which are a benchmark in the market for their excellent performance, comfort and ventilation, as well as exceptional value for money, which has made them valued products in high demand within the cycling community worldwide: Airbreaker, Stormchaser, and our new Gamechanger 2.0. The initial version, Gamechanger, represented a before and after in our range of helmets, being used by countless cyclists worldwide for its high performance. It is Mathieu Van der Poel’s favourite helmet.

Version 2.0 brings improvements in both aerodynamics and ventilation.

Also, the design and evolution of our range of urban helmets, with 15 different models that cover any possible need or type of user, with built-in lights on some of the models.

In 2021, we are launching a new range of MTB helmets, all of them with the possibility to include a QUIN chip, which alerts your contacts in case of an accident. This innovative technology was also developed entirely by ABUS.

Some ‘made in Abus’ technologies


  • Floating padding: movable pads with MIPS effect, but without increasing weight or reducing ventilation in the helmet.
  • Zoom ace: Swiss-made rear retention system that allows millimetric adjustment in height and circumference, and the use of all our helmets with ponytails or bandanas.
  • Floating straps: strap fusion technology
  • European shape: oval inner shape of the helmet, adapted to the shape of the average European head for greater comfort and better aesthetics, as the helmet is less bulky.
  • QUIN: accident warning chip linked to an ABUS in-house developed APP.


  • ABUS ONE: In-house APP that allows you to open certain locks without a key. It is also compatible with smart watches.
  • Master key: allows to open several locks with different, individual keys and a master key to open all of them.
  • Key alike: allows the manufacture of a series of locks with the same key that fits all of them.
  • Double anchorage: fork locking system that doubles the theft time as two cuts have to be made.
  • 3D alarm: 100 dB alarm with detection of any movement.