BEEQ, born in sustainability

“For us, Euro Mobility is a very important festival with a real impact on the Spanish market, attracting the right audience, both users and retail. BEEQ started operating in the Spanish market in 2022. We are based in Valencia and Madrid and we are in the process of making agreements with new partners in other places. The EMF allows us to present ourselves and aspire to create a strong community in Spain”

We are talking about European bicycles of high quality made in Portugal. We are talking about BEEQ, a brand based in Vila Nova de Gaia in the north of Portugal, part of RTE, a large company with more than 30 years manufacturing bicycles.

It is in this environment that BEEQ has emerged, which is very young, but with the experience of RTE backing up the action: “Our starting up responded to the need to offer solutions in a world that increasingly rewards sustainable mobility. It is a project that took three years within RTE, on details to achieve the best efficiency in the production of our bicycles”.

So in 2020, BEEQ was launched as a quality, sustainable, urban, sophisticated and fun brand of quality and electric bicycles. “Ride Smart” is our claim.

Young and adapted company

They were born with that gene and keep it intact: “We want people to have affordable, smart and sustainable transport for all. We offer the user a smart proposition, in a quality process, with a lot of care taken by the development team in our own factory”.

“We see a growing awareness and E Bikes are perfect for this process, recognising the environmental benefits, including zero emissions, traffic reduction and better health for all,” they continue.

Families within BEEQ

At the beginning, the brand had three distinct lines in mind: the M500 (electric MTB), the E800 (urban) and the C800 (trekking, more versatile). The family grew with entry level bikes and included improvements such as weight and battery and component changes.

This year the models have been renewed and improved, with the inclusion of more versatile units for demanding terrain, including a carbon model, the S950 for “the more adventurous riders”.

For the best choice, browsing the brand’s website allows us to sift through and find the best possible model. “We have an advisor to help you find the best possible bike size. When we design the bike, we think about weights and sizes so that the user has the best bike. It is very important for people to know their weight, because in addition to the model of bike, it influences aspects such as manoeuvrability and comfort on longer rides.

BEEQ’s commitment to improving its production processes is one of the keys to improving bicycles on the market. Their commitment to the environment is also about packaging that avoids harmful materials and unnecessary waste, while taking care of the bicycle in shipment. 

BEEQ at the EMF

This is how they are planning their appearance in Girona next September: “At the EMF we will present all our models, so that people can try our E Bikes, an experience that many people have not had and which is very important to win users over. We show them how an electric bicycle feels, what it can be used for, and how to use it.

For BEEQ, “an event like this helps us to penetrate the market, but above all to share the experience of riding an electric bike and to draw conclusions about models, motors and other very relevant details.

“The best way to understand a product is to try it,” they conclude.