Bicycles and motorbikes: GASGAS grows with the best of both worlds

For us, the test and demo bikes at Sea Otter Europe Costa Brava Girona by Continental are really important; we want to let our end customers try out our new bikes so that they can see at first hand that we’re a brand with its origins in motorbikes, but also one that’s come to the cycling segment to stay and become a benchmark”. 

This is how Guillem Jorba, Marketing & Dealer Development Manager at GASGAS, begins talking to us weeks before taking part in the Euro Mobility Festival. 

“GASGAS is characterised by its off road DNA and it’s young, care-free and even a little radical. This is why its E-bike range focuses on the mountain bike, with the Enduro and All Mountain models and a small representation of urban bikes”, continues Guillem. 

However, this year the first GASGAS purely city bike will be presented, the new urban cruiser called Moto”, continues Guillem.


This is what the new Moto looks like

We’re interested in the new model, what does it have? What does it bring us?

“We’re talking about a new single-size cruiser with super moto-cross aesthetics that’s sure to amaze people. It’s ideal for riders 160 to 190 centimetres tall and it has a long comfortable seat on a resistant and sturdy steel frame”, he explains.  

He adds, “It has a powerful hub motor and thick tyres that contribute to the rider’s comfort”.

The icing on the cake? A Bluetooth connection screen that connects to the phone. 

Optimistic about the improvements in mobility 

According to Guillem, “the future of bicycles is bright and full of opportunities. In the coming years we’re going to see a transition in the way we move around cities and bikes are going to be one of the main players”. 

There’s one issue which, in his opinion, is of concern when a user buys an e-bike: “I think the main handicap we have in our country is safety. Nobody feels safe leaving their urban E-bike parked on the street. The day this changes and the authorities invest in logical actions to improve this kind of problem and commit to the bicycle as a means of transport, we’ll have made great progress”.

GASGAS, the origins 

In the mid 1980s, in the wake of the crisis of the popular Bultaco and SWM brands, GASGAS became one of the main manufacturers of trial and off-road motorbikes. It thus became a leading brand on the trial scene from the late 1980s onwards, winning numerous world titles.

In late 2019 GASGAS joined the Pierer Mobility Group. It remained faithful to its Spanish roots while benefiting from the group’s proven experience, success and ambitious plans. Following that acquisition, the brand’s portfolio increased significantly and it even made the leap into the bicycle sector with a wide range of E-bikes.

Guillem guides us through this year’s Euro Mobility Festival, “We’ll take all our MY24 innovations. The new Enduro platform will be the centre of attention and we’ll also have the prototypes of our riders racing in the E-EDR series. And the Moto, the GASGAS Urban Cruiser I’ve already mentioned”.

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