Euro Mobility Festival in Girona, the best showcase for urban and sustainable mobility

The Euro Mobility Festival was born in the wake of Sea Otter Europe Costa Brava Girona by Continental as a response to the request of brands and users for a space dedicated exclusively to urban and sustainable mobility. In terms of location, audience and structure, it has the potential to be the European benchmark in these areas.

The creation of the Euro Mobility Festival was a natural step within Sea Otter Europe Costa Brava Girona by Continental. This bike festival is already consolidated internationally and the same brands that have driven its growth year after year saw that their divisions and products aimed at urban and sustainable mobility could also be protagonists, but they did not completely fit in with the sporty atmosphere that characterises Sea Otter Europe. Thus the Euro Mobility Festival was born, a space exclusively dedicated to urban and sustainable mobility which, from the outset, was attended by world-class brands.

Sustainable mobility has become a priority in the management of cities and urban centres and bikes are one of the best responses to all the challenges of the future. But it is not the only one. This is why the Euro Mobility Festival perfectly reflects the diversity of options in this field, which translates into a list of brands from different sectors but all with common objectives: the search for a less polluting, more sustainable, economical means of transport that is adapted to citizens’ needs.

The breadth of the field is key to the growth potential of Euro Mobility Festival. Although its common thread differs from Sea Otter Europe, its location in Girona is also ideal. A city that is particularly sensitive to the use of sustainable transport and which demonstrates that it is possible to adapt local infrastructures to promote more environmentally friendly mobility and the city itself.

One of the distinguishing features of the Euro Mobility Festival is that it is designed as a festival capable of attracting a wide audience, without the need for any direct connection to sport. Anyone who is looking to save money on their urban commute, a way to reduce pollution or a way to lead a healthier life can identify with all that Euro Mobility Festival has to offer.

The heart of Euro Mobility Festival is its expo area, where exhibitors and brands showcase their best products in a friendly environment and attendees can spend hours in a relaxed atmosphere. The activity and food truck area make it the perfect place to spend the day. An auditorium with lectures and conferences on a wide range of topics is another attraction for those interested in urban mobility, ecology, sustainability or cycling.

There is also a test area where the products exhibited by the brands can be put to the real test, which can help attendees decide what to purchase. Leading brands such as Shimano, Tenways, Abus, Canyon, Decathlon, Riese & Muller, Yamaha, M2linx, Shad, Beeq, Ecobike, among others, and institutions related to urban mobility such as RACC Mobility or Light Mobility Cluster have already confirmed their presence and many more are pending final confirmation.

The Euro Mobility Festival 2024 will be held from 20th to 22nd September in Girona.