Ten Ways: movement is shown by pedalling

Ten Ways or the urban cycling paths, which could perfectly well be ten. It’s a fact that Ten Ways has made a strong impact on the industry; two years ago they were creating the company, a year and a half ago, they launched their first bicycle.

Who is behind Ten Ways?

A group of active and proactive urban cyclists from different backgrounds, but with one thing in common: they are based in and cycle around Amsterdam, the world’s urban cycling ground zero.

Its aim is threefold: to make cycling a daily routine to move around the city in an environmentally friendly way, to make E-Bikes accessible to as many people as possible and to promote values on wheels such as happiness, community and sustainability.

Their factory is in the heart of the Netherlands; their supply chain is there, aiming to be at the core of the process.


Bicycle families 

In this time they have shaped two large families of bikes that will soon become three, with the release of their new cargo bike at the end of the summer.

In the meantime we have the CGO, in its versions CGO600, CGO600 Pro and CGO800S. “They are 100% urban bikes, with a carbon chain, designed to last 30,000 kilometres, which is the average life of a bicycle,” says sales manager Pedro García. “With this chain, the bike is much cleaner. They have no gears, and are assisted by a pedal motor”.

They are fitted with a 40 Newton engine, guaranteeing a range of about 80 kilometres with normal pedalling.

At the same time, the AGO series has been released, with the AGO X and AGO T models: “It is a step further. They are trekking bikes, prepared for more difficult terrain. They have a wider wheel, more power in the engine – twice as much as the previous family – and they can climb steeper slopes”.





Present at the EMF

Ten Ways will be at the Euro Mobility Festival, at the centre of a festival focused on urban, sustainable and individual mobility. “It helps us to connect with the world,” continues Pedro García. “These are the places to be, and it allows us to continue to grow”.

Right now Ten Ways sells mainly to England, USA and some European countries but they want to grow in Spain and Portugal. “Little by little, the infrastructure and social awareness of cycling is growing. We are far from the optimal point, but we are making progress,” Pedro concludes.