Scott: the mobility innovation gene

“I think it’s a great idea to have a space dedicated to urban mobility such as the Euro Mobility Festival, under the umbrella of an event such as Sea Otter Europe. The best way to encourage industry manufacturers to reach out to the public who want a mobility alternative in the city”.

This is how Joel Casado tells it from Scott, one of the most important brands in the bicycle industry and therefore also in sustainable mobility.

A firm with more than 60 years of history in which “we have not changed a single thing in our innovation philosophy for all the products we have launched on the market”, claims the American brand.

Since Ed Scott designed the first aluminium ski pole, the brand has been a platform for important innovations: “For example, we were the brand that led the arrival of mountain biking in Spain. In the 1980s, we broke into this sector, which at that time seemed to be unknown to cycling in our country”.

Leading the way

Electric mobility is evolving by leaps and bounds, but “thanks to our history and experience, we always try to stay ahead of changes and be the first to launch new products on the market”.

For Joel, “the electric bicycle offers great opportunities as a sustainable means of transport and also as a recreational means of sport and outdoor fun. The range of possibilities we offer at SCOTT is getting wider and wider. And we are now able to present an electric bike for any use and any terrain in our catalogue. Electric road bikes, gravel, mountain, urban, bikes, etc. There is no excuse to enjoy electric mobility”.

E bikes for working, getting from A to B and living

From Scott they tell us that “we have a wide range of urban bicycles. They are as versatile as you can find and are designed to be comfortable and reliable on many types of terrain. Thanks to their unique design and geometry, we offer ideal options for commuting, weekend adventures and getting around town. Among the city bikes are the Metrix, the SUB Cross, the SUB Sport and the SUB Comfort. Within the electric line, our urban bikes carry the eRIDE name, and we can highlight the Silence eRIDE and the Axis eRIDE”.

Going into more depth on the technologies they use in their machines: “All our electric city bikes are fitted with a Bosch motor and battery with maximum performance. Among all the state-of-the-art technologies that we apply to our range, the advanced eRIDE design stands out, which allows us to perfectly integrate the system. The balance of the design from the steering to the toe clips, where every component is considered”.

The future will be sustainable and by bike

At Scott, they believe in a sustainable future where bikes play a leading role. There is still a long way to go but it seems that most of society is aware of the right way forward.

In this study of zones, it is clear that “each one has its own peculiarities. As a general rule, policies that favour bike use, create infrastructure so that pedestrians and vehicles share the roads in harmony, and combat vandalism, since bicycle theft is one of the biggest concerns for users.

At the Euro Mobility Festival

Anyone visiting Scott’s stall at the fair will have the chance to see and try out “the season’s main new developments. The Lumen eRIDE, the new super-light electric bike, which recently won the Eurobike Gold Award, will be shown in detail. As well as other models, such as the new Scale RC or the new Foil RC”.

All in an up-close and pleasant environment for the public to “get to know us up close and personally. In addition, it is the ideal showcase to present the season’s best new products”.