TENWAYS signs as a GOLD category sponsor for the Euro Mobility Festival Girona 2024

For the first time, the bike brand TENWAYS has signed as a GOLD sponsor of the most visited sustainable urban mobility festival in Europe with over 60,000 visitors: the Euro Mobility Festival in Girona, which will take place from 20th to 22nd September 2024 together with Sea Otter Europe Costa Brava Girona by Continental. TENWAYS is a brand founded and based in the Netherlands, one of the most traditional cycling countries in the world.

TENWAYS is not only revolutionising electric bikes, but also leading the way in sustainable commuting. TENWAYS was founded with the mission to make every day commuting simple, fast, environmentally friendly and fun. Their vision is to make high quality electric bikes accessible to everyone. TENWAYS is not just about selling electric bikes; it’s about building a community. Valuing customer feedback and striving to grow with them. TENWAYS is more than a brand; it’s a movement towards a more sustainable, inclusive and joyful commuting future.

Its managers commented that:

“With this objective in mind, we had to be a sponsor of Sea Otter Europe, one of the most representative trade fairs in the sector, and which, as demonstrated every year, is committed to the world of urban electric bikes and to a more sustainable way of life for the planet.”

“Having participated twice as exhibitors at Sea Otter Europe, our commitment was to expand the exhibition space, the location and above all to be a Sponsor of an event that will help TENWAYS to gain a leading position in the urban electric bike sector on the Iberian Peninsula.”

Euro Mobility Festival and Sea Otter Europe Costa Brava Girona by Continental are delighted and proud that such prestigious and high-quality brands like TENWAYS want to be part of the festival in Girona.

For more information please visit the following links: www.euromobilityfestival.com and www.seaottereurope.com