The Euro Mobility Festival of Girona returns in 2023, consolidated as a benchmark

Urban mobility has become one of the main drivers of the bicycle industry, transforming urban planning at all levels. The advantages of moving in a sustainable way and the need to bring together brands, institutions and users has made the Euro Mobility Festival of Girona into a benchmark event in record time.

The world of urban and sustainable mobility has exploded in recent years. That bicycles, scooters and other means of personal mobility are conquering the urban environment is already a fact. Its use not only provides a fast, economical, sustainable and healthy means of transport, but it has also become the driving force for change in urban planning for the future. But it is not only bicycles and scooters that represent this paradigm shift in urban travel. Other personal mobility vehicles have emerged that have driven the democratisation of urban space and transport routes in and out of cities. Even motor vehicles are seeking to adapt to these new trends with proposals more in line with society’s new concerns, and the arrival of electric cars and motorbikes is also an irrefutable fact.

All these vehicles, which share the common denominator of sustainable mobility, have a place at the Euro Mobility Festival (EMF) of Girona, which will be held from 22 to 24 September 2023. Neither the date nor the place are coincidental. The EMF coincides in time with Sea Otter Europe Costa Brava Girona by Continental (SOE), one of the most important bicycle festivals in the world. This means that, from the start, the EMF can benefit from the more than 57,000 visitors that, for example, the SOE had in 2022. Visitors who, in addition, have a particularly interesting profile for urban mobility, being a quality public for the cycling market and fully aligned with the EMF theme.

In fact, the EMF and SOE complement each other perfectly, and the success of SOE has allowed the EMF to start with an attendee base that is unthinkable for any other similar event. In this second edition, the EMF will offer a programme centred on two pillars: its exhibition area and product tests.

In the exhibition area, we will be able to see all kinds of brands. From bicycles, scooters and other means of individual mobility and various accessories to other personal mobility vehicles and more sustainable options for conventional means of transport such as electric scooters. A wide variety of options will also allow the EMF to attract visitors beyond the world of cycling.

In terms of tests, Girona has a network of nearly 50 km of fully signposted cycle lanes, making it a great example of how to adapt to new trends in urban mobility. In addition, its terrain, with no steep slopes in most of its territory, facilitates the use of all means of transport. Not to mention that, as a city with huge appeal to tourists, it has also incorporated sustainable means of mobility to get to know every corner of the city. This is the ideal setting for the brands participating in the EMF to have the perfect environment in which to assess their products judiciously.

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