Sea Otter Europe Costa Brava Girona by Continental, Euro Mobility Festival, the AMBE association and CONEBI agree to collaborate to boost the bicycle industry

This agreement seeks to promote the festival’s visibility among national and European companies in the sector, providing them with advantages for participating, among other benefits. This agreement between Sea Otter Europe, the AMBE and CONEBI reinforces the international collaboration for the promotion of an initiative that encourages the development of the bicycle and cycling industry in Europe.

The Sea Otter Europe Costa Brava Girona by Continental and Euro Mobility Festival, to be held in Girona from 20th to 22nd September 2024, entered into a collaboration agreement with the Spanish Brands and Bicycles Association (AMBE) in the 2023 edition to promote the bicycle industry.

For the 2024 edition, this collaboration will be maintained and extended beyond the borders of Spain to the whole of Europe thanks to the agreement that has also been signed with the international association CONEBI, to which the AMBE belongs. CONEBI unites national brand associations in 15 European countries. This consolidates the international character of the festival, as well as its line of collaboration with the industry.

Joint actions

This agreement covers a series of joint actions that will be activated and announced progressively.

With regard to the Euro Mobility Festival, a joint round table is being organised as part of the second edition of Sea Otter Connect, which will address the situation of the European and national bicycle industry and its key figures. Guests will include Manuel Marsilio, Director General of CONEBI and Jesús Freire, Secretary General of AMBE.

Sea Otter Europe Connect was initiated to continuously address the needs of a constantly evolving industry by providing information on market trends, preferences and future directions. It has also established itself as an essential connecting network for industry professionals, facilitating interactions and fostering collaboration in a dynamic environment.

Close cooperation

The strategic partnership between the parties involved demonstrates their shared commitment to strengthening and empowering the bicycle industry, fostering collaboration and finding solutions to address current and future challenges. This collaboration promotes the creation of strong professional connections, which facilitates the exchange of knowledge, experience and business opportunities among participants. Through this agreement, sustainable mobility is supported and promoted, highlighting the key role of bicycles in a greener and healthier transport context.

AMBE, the Spanish Brands and Bicycles Association, is the voice of the bicycle sector. Made up of more than 80 associated and partner companies, the AMBE promotes the use of bicycles as a means of transport, leisure, tourism and sport, as well as the growth of the sector by working with public and private organisations. 

CONEBI, the Confederation of the European Bicycle Industry, is an organisation that represents and promotes the interests of the bicycle industry in Europe. With a collaborative approach, CONEBI strives to strengthen and develop the sector, advocating policies that boost cycling and promotes sustainability, innovation and active mobility across Europe. Its main mission is to foster a favourable environment for the continued growth and positive influence of the bicycle industry in Europe.

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