Abus, for a better and safer bicycle

Abus, for a better and safer bicycle “All initiatives that promote the use of bicycles are very welcome at Abus. As well as our profession, it is clearly our vision for the future. The proposal is therefore very positive, as it addresses aspects that are key to make cycling more mainstream”. This is how Abus talks to us about the Euro Mobility Festival, as a companion on the journey and present at this edition. But, what are the things that matter in this great device that is the bicycle? At Abus, they trace the virtuous circle: “Education in general, starting

Scott: the mobility innovation gene

Scott: the mobility innovation gene “I think it’s a great idea to have a space dedicated to urban mobility such as the Euro Mobility Festival, under the umbrella of an event such as Sea Otter Europe. The best way to encourage industry manufacturers to reach out to the public who want a mobility alternative in the city”. This is how Joel Casado tells it from Scott, one of the most important brands in the bicycle industry and therefore also in sustainable mobility. A firm with more than 60 years of history in which “we have not changed a single thing

BEEQ, born in sustainability

BEEQ, born in sustainability “For us, Euro Mobility is a very important festival with a real impact on the Spanish market, attracting the right audience, both users and retail. BEEQ started operating in the Spanish market in 2022. We are based in Valencia and Madrid and we are in the process of making agreements with new partners in other places. The EMF allows us to present ourselves and aspire to create a strong community in Spain” We are talking about European bicycles of high quality made in Portugal. We are talking about BEEQ, a brand based in Vila Nova de